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  • Plot Vacancies We do not currently have any plots available. If you are interested in a plot, or know someone who may be, either send an email to the secretary, or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.We will let you know when one becomes available.
    Posted 30 Jul 2021, 04:00 by J W
  • Rubbish Members are reminded that there is no facility on site for rubbish to be left.It is the members responsibility to dispose of this themselves, not to leave it to the committee by dumping it by the notice board.A recent working party had to spend a morning filling a skip with waste materials, including some rather unpleasant chemicals, from a recently vacated plot.If this needs to be repeated on a regular basis there will be little option but to increase the fees for plots as the cost of maintenance is becoming untenable.
    Posted 10 Jun 2016, 01:26 by Woburn Sands Allotments
  • Bonfires October 2018/19 Bonfires are permitted from October 1st through to April 30th, however bonfires are not permitted on Sundays.   The By laws and Guidelines Relating to Bonfires have a slip attached,  you are not permitted to have a bonfire without returning this each year.   Any questions or concerns should firstly be directed to Trevor Templeman on 01908 587863 or send an email to trevortempleman@btinternet.com  who is our Bonfire Coordinator.   Please see the Useful Links for a couple of articles regarding bonfires from MK Council and the Environmental Health Office.   Please be considerate to our neighbours and check the wind direction before lighting any bonfire.   The use of bonfires will be strictly monitored and any complaints will be thoroughly investigated and ...
    Posted 3 Nov 2018, 09:05 by Woburn Sands Allotments
  • Site Security Issues Please be aware, there are still issues regarding theft of items from sheds.   We would advise that no valuable items are stored in sheds and that items that are left in sheds are stored out of sight.  Thieves have been stealing things like portable cookers and kettles as well as Lawnmowers/ Rotovators so nothing is safe.
    Posted 15 May 2014, 01:58 by Woburn Sands Allotments
  • What's happening on the field. Gates and Padlocks Gates are still being left open. Please make sure you close and lock them after use. We know the padlocks are sometimes difficult. however they are regularly oiled and do need patience rather than brute force to open them. If you lose your gate key, please contact a member of the committee for a replacement. Please do not climb over the gatesFencing The fencing has now been replaced on Woodland Way. Driving on the field Driving on the field should be for loading or unloading only. Vehicles should not be left on the tracks or plots while you work on your plot.
    Posted 15 May 2014, 01:55 by Woburn Sands Allotments
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  • Latest National Allotment Society Magazine Latest magazine available from the National Allotment Society.A Flash plugin is required in order to view this, so you may be prompted either to download or activate the Adobe Flash Player on the webpage.View here
    Posted 30 Jun 2016, 01:35 by Woburn Sands Allotments
  • Winter 2012 Winter 2012
    Posted 7 Dec 2012, 06:58 by Woburn Sands Allotments
  • Summer 2012 Summer 2012
    Posted 12 Nov 2012, 05:59 by Woburn Sands Allotments
  • Spring 2012 Spring 2012
    Posted 26 Jun 2012, 08:02 by Woburn Sands Allotments
  • Winter 2011 Winter 2011
    Posted 26 Jun 2012, 08:02 by Woburn Sands Allotments
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